Welcome, 2019

Happy New Year and it looks like 2019 will be busy busy.

In 2018 we connected with over 700 people through our Grains of SAND project. Our Awards for All funding has now come to end and has been a fantastic kick start to this work – we won’t be stopping anytime soon but we may be slowing down a bit!

Our Comic Relief funding has also now ended and we have completed our business plan to engage health & social care providers in learning more about inclusive ways of working. We’re delighted to welcome Coverage Care and the Community Health Trust as our first investors.

SAND has also been invited to deliver awareness sessions as part of the Shropshire Joint Training programme – we’re rather proud to note that our first session is fully booked already!!

We’re also busy supporting Back in Time 4 – Shrewsbury’s celebration of LGBT History with a fantastic programme open to LGBT people, friends and allies – do come along!

SAND will be taking part in AgeUK’s upcoming Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll Conference on 11th April

We are also plotting another workshop with our Grains of SAND interviewers and an event with age UK about planning for ageing and dying. Watch this space!

Some interesting things in other places:

LGBT Youth Festival in Birmingham 23 Feb https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/colours-youth-festival-lgbt-people-of-colour-tickets-52612462291

LGBT Foundation (Manchester) is advertising for a Pride in Ageing Manager: https://lgbt.foundation/jobs

Kings College, London are researching the experience of communication between health and social care professionals and LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans) people with serious illness about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender history – click here for more information: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/nursing/departments/cicelysaunders/research/living/access/accesscare-c.aspx 


Traditional annual social media count:

Mailchimp Newsletter  53 (Jan 2018 62 Jan 2017 13 [because we re-jigged and started again] Jan 2016 60; Jan 2015 57; Jan 2014 34)

Twitter 334 (Jan 2018 254; Jan 2017 213; Jan 2016 182; Jan 2015 – 126; Feb 2014 – 22)

Facebook 268  (Jan 2018 246; Jan 2017 227; Jan 2016 176; Jan 2015 – 129; Feb 2014 – 76)


Settling in for a busy year

Indulging in a little reflection and looking back on our blog this time last year, we have come a very long way and the path is coming ever clearer!

We started the year reporting back on our developing contacts with care providers and these have been quite fundamental to our progress. We have spent a busy year piloting training with Coverage Care Residential Care Providers, the Community Health Trust End of Life staff, Robert Jones Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital,  Shropshire Partners in Care and more recently, newly qualified GPs. And we have our eye on the ball in terms of domiciliary care providers, other help at home services, befriending schemes,  and more – including the legal sector! All this whilst making friends and keeping in touch with organisations like AgeUK, the Dementia Action Alliance and the Alzheimers Society. Continue reading “Settling in for a busy year”

Thanks for 2014!

We thought it might be nice to reflect on the past year which has been pretty mega for SAND

Amongst other things to write home about, Peter Tatchell, Sue Sanders, Bisi Alimi, Jane Traies,

Peter Tatchell
Peter Tatchell

Tom Robinson and Carol Ann Duffy all joined us as Named Supporters, helping to lift our profile and increase credibility. On more than one occasion SAND has definitely been received more seriously because of these connections.

At the other end of the ‘glamorous’ scale – we set up a Paypal account! This was quite a thing for us because we did it at a time when not a penny had gone in or out of our bank account. Faith will-out and it came in very handy recently. This has joined our on-line giving site ‘Golden Giving’ to increase our ability to receive donations and payment for goods and services (all planning ahead to the time when we have these things to sell :-))

Towards the beginning of the year, we were successful with our HealthWatch research grant application and started interviews and discussion groups which are still underway. It has been a very valuable piece of work to date as we find out more about the issues affecting older and old LGBT people in Shropshire as they access (or anticipate) health and social care services. We are planning to bring interviewees together in the New Year before writing our report which will go to HealthWatch England as well as HealthWatch Shropshire.

Partly promoted by this research project, we developed a Confidentiality policy and an ethical policy for SAND to ensure that we work with integrity and model good practice. This focus on getting our house in order included conversations about branding and ultimately the production of banners, badges & business cards.

With our identity intact, we held our Launch in June. About 40 people came to celebrate with us and it was a great afternoon with displays, cake, presentations, cake, conversation and did we mention cake? Thanks must go to FRESh for the funding to pay for the venue

BannersNext up was the Shrewsbury Carnival which presented the perfect opportunity to try out our ‘teardrop’ banner. At least 4 of the SAND Action Group went along to walk with the LGBT float and what an afternoon was had with lots of rainbows and gay anthem music.

Back to business and 2014 saw the development of our SAND presentation. It is designed as a facilitated session which lasts an hour or an hour and half and which works (with a few tweaks) with a variety of audiences. Thus far we have delivered it to Glendwr University social work students; Shropshire Information, Advice & Advocacy Forum; FRESh; Shropshire Solicitors for the Elderly Network; The Vicarage Care Home staff.

With an eye to the future, the SAND Action Group set up a process to log in-kind hours so we can keep track of the actual cost of the work that we do. In the current financial year we have clocked up nearly £10,000 worth of volunteer hours so it is worth keeping track. We fully expect this to be useful when we apply for funding and it may come in handy somewhere else too – any ideas?

SAND’s profile has really come to the fore this year. Local groups have been  helping to spread the word and linking this with other innovations – it was great when Border Women held a fundraising and awareness raising walk for SAND. In fact there were two walks, one long and one short – walkers donated to SAND as well as producing cakes to sell at the end. This was a great – and very enjoyable – afternoon.

Over the Autumn months we have been busy updating the SAND Action Plan to make sure that we keep moving forward in 2015 and beyond. The whole Action Group is really excited about the future and feel like they really benefited from their first ever Away Day where we spent precious time getting to know each other better and collectively planning next steps.DSCF0663

Of course, the year came to a close on a high with the Fundraising Auction & Disco at the end of November. If you missed it keep an eye out for publicity about the 2015 re-run, pencilled in for 21st November. Watch this space.

Here is to a similarly fabulous 2015 – we are looking forward to it.

Our annual stats for social media (which will be a bit more of a focus in 2015)

First count was Feb 2014 (in brackets after each)

Mailchimp Newsletter 57 (34)

Twitter 126 (22)

Facebook 129 (76)