Our meetings seem to be getting longer

In fact … we’re seriously considering changing the way we do things to have more qualitative conversation and process the business stuff more efficiently – watch this space (and/or share innovative and interesting ideas!)

One of the things that struck me about our meeting last night is the number of dates we have in the calendar (which reminds me – note to self – we are due to update our Out and About page which keeps a tally of where we have been and what we have been doing). Coming up we have dates for meetings with others (Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Action Alliance and Out of Hospital); upcoming SAND events – including a training session in interviewing techniques and a play related to issues around dementia; plus events elsewhere that we have an interest in, such as a Social Policy Forum in London on issues affecting  Trans people, Ludlow Pride, Celebrating Age in Telford and the Wilfred Owen Festival) – it is one whole job to keep track of all these – but we’re on it!

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Post Summer energy boost

Blimey it feels like far too long since the last blog – there are a couple of reasons for that – the first being that the team took a little break and didn’t meet in August, the second being that a key member went and got a full-time job so we have been tussling to find new ways of working which keep the interests of older and old LGBT people on everyone’s agenda – and we have got more and more ideas!day-nightmap

So – very practically, we have changed our meetings so we can accommodate our working and
can’t come in work time
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