Crowdfunding and fundraising – every way we look

Still  busy, busy. In the past month we have – amongst other things – launched the Crowdfund Campaign for the 2019 LGBT History Month Celebrations. The Crowdfunder is open for the whole of November and every pound is so so valuable – please give what you can and share the news so that friends and colleagues can join in. If we increase the total by £50 a day, we’ll crack it together!


Photo Credit Sue Holmes – click here to go to the Crowdfunder page

We’ll be updating on the programme very soon so keep an eye out!

Meanwhile, our Grains of SAND interviews continue – huge thanks to everyone who is taking part, either as interviewers or as interviewees. As part of this project we’ll be at Qube in Oswestry 10am – 12noon screening Gen Silent, eating scones and – we’re delighted to announce that we’ll also be screening Polaroid People which we spotted during the Rainbow Film Festival.

As well as making the most of current projects, we’re also in the midst of writing further funding bids and at this month’s meeting we had some fantastic discussion about how we’ve been involving people in what we do over the past 5 years – and how we can do so for the next 5. Here are some of the things that came up. We have:

  • interviewed people to find points of view, concerns, cares and worries – which we are conveying to various people in the community who are unaware of concerns and needs
  • attended and shared information about what we are doing at various events involving voluntary and statutory bodies across the county – and people have then come to us
  • outreached at specific events – targeted our awareness stalls
  • engaged people locally – and further away
  • increased visibility within LGBT and mainstream media with features in press and on radio
  • outreached to younger people – future carers 
  • provided good quality refreshments, illustrating our value for peoples time and contributions
  • developed and maintained an online resource bank
  • adopted the LGBT History Festival as a project for celebration of LGBT lives
  • facilitated engagement by offering travel expenses and having a presence in different geographical areas
  • built a social media presence: twitter, facebook and you tube
  • provided training and volunteering opportunities
  • met regularly and hosted events each year
  • involved ourselves in a film project about LGBT experiences and lives 
  • kept a blog and newsletter – and a track of all the places we have been!

Talking about going places one of our supporters recently went down to London to an event by the Oral History Society; and this month, we’ve had meetings with the Deputy Provost at the University and the Director of Adult Social Care & Housing at Shropshire Council. We’ve given presentations to the Shropshire Partners in Care & Shropshire Council Adult Social Care Forum and had a presence at the CEDAR Day of Death Education ; International Mental Health Awareness Day, both Jennifer Ingelhearts and Andrew Lumsden‘s presentations as part of the Wilfred Owen Festival, the Arts Alive Creative Conversations launch  and the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival and the screening of Maurice as part of Oswestry Film Society’s Pride Season and there’s more to come!