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Details of SAND travels – with the oldest ones at the bottom!

7th December 2017 – presentation to GPs

23 November 2017 Healthwatch event

7th November 2017 A couple of us went over to the first gathering of a new LGBT group in Wellington/Telford. There was a really diverse and engaging group of 15 introducing themselves, sharing information and making plans for the future. How exciting!

17th October 2017 was our own event ‘Spirit of SAND’ at the Hive when 43 people came together to find out what we have been up to and put ideas into the pot for the future. Health & social care professionals were well-represented, alongside 4 solicitors (from 2 different practices). Of these, and other participants, at least 13 who identify as LGBT. David Coull from Coverage Care and Cath Molineux from the End of Life Team (CHT) joined Heather Osborne (AgeUK) and Betty Halford (SAND) in a panel discussion chaired by Sue Gorbing.

16th October 2017, we delivered a session to Psychology students at University Centre Shrewsbury and set them a problem’ to ‘solve’

16th October 2017, we had a stall at University Centre Shrewsbury as part of Hate Crime Awareness week

11th October 2017, we went to Birmingham to the Age UK (West Midlands) Regional Meeting to give a presentation to the CEOs and Chairs of AgeUK organisations – 18 people in total.

11th October 2017 some of us went along to a Managers Meeting at Coverage Care to talk about SAND

11th October 2017 we had a catch up meeting with End of Life staff at the Community Health Trust

The Hive

10th October 2017, we had a stall at the Hive drop-in for International Mental Health Awareness Day

6 – 8th October 2017 we were once again out and about the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival

Freshers Fair

27 September 2017 we had a stall at University Centre Shrewsbury Freshers Fair

22 July 2017 Shrewsbury Cultural Diversity Day, where people were really attracted by the local stories of Salop Assizes and Soldiers in Love

4 July 2017 we delivered a session in Telford for End of Life care workers, for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

28th June 2017 8 of us travelled to London to receive our Spirit of Age Award Trophy in their Equality & Diversity category

26th June 2017 we delivered a session at Ludlow Hospital for End of Life care workers, for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

22nd June 2017 we delivered a session in Oswestry for Shropshire Partners in Care

13th June 2017 we delivered a session in Shrewsbury for Shropshire Partners in Care

8th June 2017 we went to Ludlow to deliver a sessions to members of Shropshire Partners in Care

29 April 2017 for the first time we held a social without a fundraiser, hosting the SAND Spring Disco at the Darwin Community Centre

15th March 2017 – we delivered pilot training to End of Life care providers, for Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

8th March 2017 – we delivered a presentation for engage Cymru as part of their Come and See event at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. This was ostensibly about LGBT History and we snuck SAND in there.

28th February 2017 – we delivered training to ward managers at Robert Jones Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

17 – 19th February 2017 – we were at Back in Time 2

26th January 2017 – we gave a challenging 10 minute presentation as part of a Shropshire Community Health Trust event at Shrewsbury Town Football Club

16 Jan 2017 – SAND met with the Engagement Lead and Performance Development Lead & Principal Social Worker for People 2 People 

19 November 2016 we hosted our fundraising Race Night at the Darwin Community Centre making £1,200 for SAND

November 2016 Omega – we got to speak to a number of people, from the Council and various agencies. They were all very keen to hear about SAND and the work we’re doing. We had some very interesting conversations. Some ‘got it’ straight away, others found the discussion challenging/interesting and said they hadn’t realised how our history affected our experience of the world/care services…

15 – 17 October 2016 and SAND had a presence at the screening of ‘Women Like Us’ and ‘Women Like That’ with Producer Rosalind Pearson and our very own Betty Halford in discussion after the films.

September & October 2016 We have been visiting care homes and domiciliary care providers in Shrewsbury. So far, we have visited a Home Care only service, a High dependency residential home and another which was very well run but could not provide long-term nursing care.  After discussing the generalities of provision, we asked if any training was given around LGBT issues and were met with at first surprise, then in two cases genuine interest and realisation (they ‘got it’) and we are in process of arranging some training with one of those. We plan next to visit a designated nursing home facility, and some more general residential Care establishments.

2016-07-23-15-32-2523rd July 2016  – Cultural Diversity Day and SAND had a stall in The Square in Shrewsbury highlighting the issues facing old and older LGBT people in Shropshire.

In June SAND attended a Carers Week event run by Carer’s Trust 4 All and has subsequently been invited to deliver a presentation at a senior team meeting.

23rd June 2016 – a member of SAND attended a Death Education Workshop run by CEDAR, which helped to highlight the need to raise awareness, including the issues of ‘disenfranchised grief’

7th May 2016 Building our Own Castles – a SAND event to bring people from our own LGBT community together to forward plan

12 – 14th February 2016 and we were (of course) involved in the National Festival of LGBT History (Shrewsbury hub).

16 – 18th October 2015 SAND was out and about at the Film Festival in our brand new T-shirts!

25th July 2015 – SAND shared a stall with the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival at Shrewsbury’s Cul2015-07-25 13.30.43tural
Diversity Day in the square

24th July – SAND was invited to give a bit of input and facilitate a discussion at the 2015 National Victim Support LGBT Conference. We had an audience of 40 who all took part in interesting conversations about how they can change their practice to be more inclusive

14th July 2015 – we delivered a training session for 6 solicitors at Terry Jones
Solicitors in Shrewsbury

25th June 2015 – Accelerating Ideas – Overcoming Barriers to Scale Roundtable, in Manchester, where SAND will be helping to inform the design of a potential new programme to support social entrepreneurs to improve collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, with older people at the heart of service design.

2015-06-13 15.26.33-213th June 2015 – Shrewsbury Carnival – some of the SAND team will be out once again, surreptitiously pressing little button badges into eager hands and flaunting the banner

8th June 2015 – SAND was back at Shropshire Fire & Rescue to deliver a second training session to 11 of the Business team, following the great visit earlier in the year

Severnside event6th June 2015 – Severnside Housing is holding an -all LGBT information event at Central in Shrewsbury and SAND stuff will be there. It is a drop-in so go and grab a coffee and find out what’s going on.

23rd May 2015 – Birmingham Pride – and the SAND banner was out alongside the Rainbow Film Festival one on a day when the sun shone,

21st May 2015 – Personal Lives – Personal Care. This SAND event was for health and social care providers and commissioners to share our research. 53 people signed in (including the whole SAND Action Group) to hear a presentation from Clare Summerskill and our own research.

3rd March 2015 – SAND was at Shropshire Fire and Rescue delivering a training session to 11 of the team. It was a fascinating and very enjoyable morning. We’re looking forward to going back for more – coming up in May by the looks of it.

14th & 15th February 2015 – the first ever National Festival of LGBT History saw SAND playing a LGBT History Monthpart of the ‘Rainbow Shropshire’ input in Manchester – we were delighted to be part of this historic event and were completely bowled over by Stuart Milk – nephew of Harvey, who spoke at the launch night. Check out the mass of photos they took over the weekend – click here (anyone would think there had been some theatre!)

1st Februa20150201_152218ry 2015 – our very own dissemination event for our Shropshire HealthWatch funded work. This event brought together 19 of our research participants for the first time – to share delicious food and good conversation. SAND fed back our key findings and sought the group’s approval to submit this in report form to HealthWatch. It was a highly successful, stimulating afternoon.

28th January 2015 – the New Year starts with a trip to London for the final conference in 2015-01-28 14.43.48the Minding the Knowledge Gap series where we met up with old friends and met some new ones!

16th December 2014 – Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group Looking Forward Event. SAND went along and contributed to conversations, particularly about the new grants framework.

4th December 2014 – Worcester – Centre for Palliative Care The Watershed: Sexuality, Assisted Dying. LGBT Issues in Palliative Care, SAND went along to this along with Nursing Students; Hospice Counsellors and officers from voluntary sector care agencies. We were interested to think about how sex and sexuality could be expressed as intimacy to help people understand the impact and relevance of relationships – we’ll carry on exploring that one!

DSCF061529th November 2014 – of course our banner was up and an introduction was given at the SAND Fundraising Auction and Disco in Shrewsbury. We had about 90 people through the door. We’re still adding up the takings and subtracting the costs but it looks like we made in the region of £2,000!

VCSA 2014

25th November 2014 – the SAND banner and display was out and about at the Shropshire Voluntary Sector Assembly gathering at the Guild Hall

17th November 2014 – London – Campaign to End Loneliness Inaugural Learning Network Conference. Sharing research and experiences of loneliness, SAND attended this as a participant.

29th October 2014 – Newcastle Upon Tyne – National Conference ‘Making person centred care a reality; how to support LGBT older people in care settings‘ – a specialist training day for professionals working in the care sector. SAND was invited to deliver an hour workshop on our work in Shropshire. We had a great audience of 30 people who found the session interesting and thought-provoking. Everyone seemed to welcome the opportunity talk about this stuff.

Open Clasp Event - Photographer Phyllis Christopher
SAND workshop at Open Clasp Event, 29 October 2014, Newcastle – Photographer Phyllis Christopher

27th October 2014 – London – another chance to meet up with our colleagues from the UnLtd Care cohort for a one day gathering.

22nd October 2014 – Shrewsbury – attendance at the British Institute of Human Rights Tour hosted by FRESh. A fascinating day which has got us thinking about getting the trainers up to deliver a specific session about older people, health & social care – watch this space.

21st October – London – Leading the Future of Health and Social Care Conference 2014 at the Royal College of Nursing. A practical one-day event for social enterprises, charities, housing associations, local authorities, CCGs, health and wellbeing boards, and those within the NHS. It was designed to help all delegates build partnerships, gain insight from experts, learn from frontline practitioners, and debate and shape the future of health and care.

19th October – our banner was up and leaflets around for the screening of I Am A Woman Now at the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival where SAND gave an introduction to the film.

9th October – Shropshire Solicitors for the Elderly Network – we delivered a version of our presentation and facilitated some discussion with about 30 solicitors in the area who work specifically with older clients. They said

Thank you both for the excellent presentation you gave this afternoon. It was superb and much appreciated by all.

16th September – SOPA – Shropshire Older People’s Assembly – our banner and about 50 leaflets made their way here and every single one of them was picked up!

10th September 2014 – Manchester – Seminar Minding the Gap – Trans Ageing issues. This is part of a series of ESRC seminars which SAND attended. It was a very interesting day and we were pleased to make some good contacts. There were some good presentations which we’d be interested in following up – including one from Dr Louis Bailey, End of Life Studies, Hull University.

4th September 2014 – Shrewsbury – FRESh meeting – Fairness, Equality, Respect Shropshire asked us to go and do a 2 hour slot for their members around the issues that SAND is working with – we took our presentation with us and delivered it to 20 people from various organisations including the CCG, Shropshire Council, Victim Support, HealthWatch, Shropshire Fire & Rescue.

3rd September 2014 – Shrewsbury – we delivered our SAND presentation and facilitated discussion with 9 care home staff.

28th August 2014 – Shrewsbury – we delivered our SAND presentation and facilitated discussion with 10 care home staff and their Manager.

SAND Launch
SAND Launch

5th July 2014 – Shrewsbury – SAND launch event where we welcomed our Supporter Jane Traies and about 40 people wet SAND’s head and saw our presentation.

17th June 2014 – Nottingham – The Last Outing research findings – we joined other interested parties to hear about this research undertaken by Nottingham University into end of life care needs of LGBT people

Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-17.42.27-460x26013th & 14th June 2014 – Liverpool – SAND hats were worn by the team attending The Unstraight Museum event at the Liverpool Museum, host venue for the April Ashley exhibition

SAND popped up at the Shrewsbury Carnival on 14th June as part of the LGBT Float which won no less than 2 awards – one for the best walking float and the other for the most unusual form of transport!Banners

May 2014 – Glendwr University – Dr Judith Wester of CEDAR CIC and a member of the SAND Action Group, gave a talk on SAND and gender inequality to 35 students in Social Care at Glyndwr University in Wrexham. The talk was very well received and students acknowledge that the problems regarding care of LGBT elderly were much greater than they previously expected. Liz Lefroy, a lecturer in the department said:

“Your presentation about the work of LGBT SAND was pitched at an intellectual and emotional level accessible for students just beginning to consider discrimination in relation to sexual identity. For students who have considered these issues before, whether for personal or professional reasons, there was enough to challenge them, particularly in the discussion about people’s experiences of discrimination on account of the multiple identities of old age, gender, residency in a care home and sexual orientation.”

20th – 22nd May 2014 – Newcastle Upon Tyne – UnLtd Care Awardees gathering where we met other Award winners focused on developing ventures which address loneliness and isolation experienced by older people and had a chance early in the day to share SAND’s work


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