How you can help

There is nothing more heart-warming in tough times than getting support from our own community and individuals who support what we do. So we have set up our very own ‘giving scheme’ callWell 1ed Well-wishers where we invite people like you to set up a monthly standing order. You can give anything from £2 to £50 per month. Click on this link: Standing Order Form, download the form, save it to your computer or print it off, fill it in and send it to us – and help us to make a vital difference to the experiences and expectations of older and old LGBT people. (pdf version here: Well-Wishers pdf)

You can also help by spreading the word – linking people into SAND (via our facebook page is perfect – we also have a blog on this website that people can follow, a mailing list that people can sign up to and a twitter address) – we post ideas and resources as we come across them.

And by coming to our events – we hold a few each year, from consultation events, research feedback events – and of course we have thrown the odd 70’s disco before now. Have a look at our events page: 

Of course, SAND started by screening the great film Gen Silent – inviting care workers and students and a panel of senior health and policy staff – it drew a great audience and SAND emerged from the people who watched the film! Our biggest challenge is to get people (care managers, care workers, housing scheme managers) to ‘get that there is something to get’ so the more conversation about all this the better! If you are in Shropshire, UK you can ask us to make a presentation to people in your organisation.

You could also print off and distribute our leaflet: Download it here, or our poster: Download it here

You could help us financially by donating here: Golden Giving or via our Paypal account

We are very grateful to all of our funders and sponsors. Without you SAND would not be able to undertake this, very necessary, work and be effective.

What we spend our money on:

Most of SAND’s work is voluntary – we log this each month and, since we started counting in April 2014 to June 2016 we have donated a massive £33,000 worth of our time. There is no intention to stop this, hard cash just means we can do more, for example:

£110 – typically the price of hiring a room to run one of our events – for example our launch or our Building Our Own Castles event

£25 – typically the cost of providing refreshments at an event

£75 – sometimes we like to spend more on refreshments to give our LGBT participants an experience which illustrates how we value them and the time they give

£240 – is the cost of our committed monthly outgoings since we got our office – this means we can up our game

£13 – the typical cost of travel to get from Mid to South Shropshire (and back again for a bit more!)

£18 – the annual cost to keep our various domain names

…… and more, but we hope this flavour helps you to see why we need your help.


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