You could help us financially by donating through our fundraising site: Golden Giving or directly via our paypal account

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We are very grateful to all of our funders and sponsors. Without you SAND would not be able to undertake this, very necessary, work and be effective.

Sponsorship and Donation levels – what they mean:
£10 would help with the general costs of SAND’s work
£25 would fund small, but necessary, promotional items, such as posters, fliers, stickers
£50 would enable us to purchase larger items for promotional purposes e.g. pull-up banners and teardrop flags
£100 would help in the creation of promotional material that targets awareness raising
£250 would help fund speakers to give talks/attend seminars/exhibitions
£500 would help towards funding those who are involved in the training of carers
£1000 would help SAND outreach to older LGBT people about their experiences, fears, lives, needs and thoughts on the care they would like to see

This is important work and if we all pull together we can make it happen.

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