Away Day

Well, that was a busy few weeks culminating in the SAND Away Day for the Action Group.

Once again, we went to Westhope College for our Away Day – this has become something of a tradition in a bit of a haphazard way – we never think about it until Spring and then one way or another we have a whole load of things to discuss at a more qualitative level than we can manage at our monthly meetings and so a full day in the glorious surrounds at Westhope recharges our batteries and gets the brain cells fully functioning!

This year saw a 100% turnout (pictured). the day started with our AGM and a big thank you to Les Woods, one of our Directors who stood down. Les was offered a new role as an honorary member of SAND, which he has happily accepted!

We all took part in a Dementia Friends Information session delivered by our own Dementia Champion, Heather. This is really important for us – and timely – as we are having an increasing  number of conversations about dementia – and indeed will be hosting an acclaimed play: The Purple List in September, which was supported last year by Skills for Care. Do click on the link and book your ticket here – we are delighted to accept support from FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors and Coverage Care to help this event to happen, and welcome further support if you are interested.

More to follow ……



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