Step out of that shadow

Somewhat grabbing centre stage is the news that SAND has just been awarded an Awards for All grant, hurrah. The news dropped in to our inbox yesterday as the Action Group arrived at the office for our monthly update – so perfect timing and fantastic news!

The Lottery Funded “Grains of SAND” project starts in January and will give us loads of scope to build on the upcoming Spirit of SAND Event on 17th October and develop resources to realise the theory that if service providers understand more about LGBT experiences, they are more likely to be able to provide an equitable and accessible service.

Grains of SAND is all about connecting with LGBT individuals and communities in Shropshire to gather positive, as well as challenging stories of experiences, hopes and fears about any aspect of ageing, with a particular focus on health, well-being, independent living and social care. The grant means that, for the first time in our 5 year history, we will be well resourced (for 12 months) to host and facilitate events and help with people’s travel costs to come along and take part.

All of this all sits very well with the SAND newly formed strap line: “Campaigning for the rights of older and old LGBT people accessing health & social care.”

Spirit of SAND supporter

Exciting indeed – and we’ll be able to share more on 17th October, so do join us: Tickets here – Free SAND Event,

Leaving all that aside for a minute – other news includes a big welcome to 2 new members of the SAND Action Group as James Turner and Emma

Spirit of SAND sponsor

Jackson join the team – between them they bring a whole gamut of valuable skills including techie web stuff and financial management. So things are certainly moving on in the SAND camp. Amidst this we say thank you and goodbye to outgoing member Maria Brunt who will remain as a good friend and valued supporter.

We have so many dates coming up that we’re considering designing a unique SAND calendar (joke) – we are currently arranging to speak at the AgeUK Regional Meeting, to local GPs, to go to the Age Friendly Summit and the University Centre Shrewsbury Freshers’ Fair, to continue our research with Coverage Care and Radfield Domiciliary Care Providers as well as the CHT End of Life team – and more …

We’re aware that we are heading for the time of year when we would usually be preparing to Crowdfund for the 2018 LGBT History Festival – but not this year. There will be events in February, so keep an eye out for information and we’re planning to publicise them all in one place, but it won’t be one full-on weekend as it has been for the last couple of years – we’re having a little rest from that #watchthisspace

Meantime, you may have spotted all the news about Gordon and Gilbert – the Soldiers in Love discovered through letters purchased by Oswestry Museum with content like this:

February 12 1940 – Park Grange

My own darling boy,

There is nothing more than I desire in life but to have you with me constantly…

…I can see or I imagine I can see, what your mother and father’s reaction would be… the rest of the world have no conception of what our love is – they do not know that it is love…

This became part of a public participation project for Heritage Open Days – check out the clip below from Midlands Today to find out more – their story is creating quite a hum of excitement across the County – no – country – no – world!

We’re still busy uploading podcasts from this years LGBT History Festival so you can catch up on anything you missed, or hear it again. The latest one to go up is from Kate Hutchinson, Blurring the Lines: Trans representation and gender expression in rock music – see below and enjoy references to Lou Reed, Suzi Quatro and David Bowie amongst many others. We’re looking forward to seeing what events pop up for 2018 History Month.







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