Hurrah – that was the subject line on an email which dropped into our inbox last week!

It’s true!

Unbeknownst to us, SAND has been nominated for a National AgeUK Spirit of Age Award in the Equality & Diversity Category – and we have won!

This is amazing – real recognition of SAND’s work and our progress over the last 5 years since that very first screening of the film Gen Silent in February 2012, which started the whole thing off!

The Age UK Spirit of Age Equality and Diversity Award
…” is given to an outstanding ambassador, team or service for promoting and enabling equality and diversity for older people”

Members of the SAND Action Group will be travelling to the Awards Ceremony in London on 28th June to receive a trophy and we hope the profile of this will increase awareness of the work we – and others – are doing to increase the expectation and improve the experiences of older and old LGBT people accessing health & social care. It is a very exciting step on our journey and we are delighted.

Do feel free to share this fabulous news and encourage others to follow our blog and support SAND – ways to do that are:

Thank you to all our followers – we hope that you will continue to support SAND and feel very good about it, it is not the same without you.

We’ll be posting more news and photos as we get them, so keep an eye out for us.

One thought on “SAND has won!

  1. Well done you lot.. Great news.. well deserved!

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