Typed in ‘tired bunny’ and got this!

Tonight’s meeting just showed how many different people and agencies we are suddenly talking to! This includes those we are plotting with for future engagement – research and discussion: University Centre Shrewsbury; some who are asking us for information: Alzheimer’s Society and those we are chasing: Centre for Ageing Better – all for starters on our list of Matters Arising.

We’re keeping tabs on what is going on around us as well, to see if there are things that we can – and should – be doing – to include the SAND message. This includes the Jo Cox campaign as well as local events like Cultural Diversity Day. It is a busy calendar which offers lots of opportunities to be seen and heard. On that note please do support our local LGBT social – the Spring Disco on 29th April which aims to be its own small display of togetherness with a good ol’ bop til you drop!

Of course the absolute core of what we have always wanted to do – and are now on a trajectory towards – is to influence positive change – the stuff that we receive when we access health & social care services. To that end it is a joy to be working with providers in the County to identify – together – the most effective messages to be delivered at the most appropriate times. We have been at RJAH where we delivered a pilot session to ward managers; we have delivered a session for the Community Health Trust to people working around End of Life Care. We are booked to deliver sessions with others: residential care provider Coverage Care; Social Work & Occupational Therapy Providers; Shropshire Partners in Care – and it feels like there are more coming to our inbox each day!!

Who’s complaining?!


Whilst all this happens we need to keep an eye on our internal organising – it can be so easy to lose sight of the stuff that keeps us grounded, so we are planning an Away Day for June. We missed out on this last year so the time is right and we are very much looking forward to it.


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