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End of Life
End of Life

So, it is 2017 and, despite world events, things are looking fairly rosy for SAND so far. We have meetings this week and next with a variety of care providers and are hoping to arrange to deliver some pilot training – giving us the opportunity to work with  providers to develop the most relevant learning that we can.

We have started costing out training delivery so we can fulfil that ambition to work to a social enterprise model – we are simply not attractive to grant funders and we need to earn if we are to survive and take this important work forward.

We have drafted some case studies, based on real life scenarios, which we trialled at our meeting last week and they prompted loads of discussion straight away! These illustrate that we are all still on our own learning curve which feels healthy. We also shared out some publications to get our teeth into and pick out the bits that will be most helpful to feed into our work moving forwards. What with that and the ever expanding bank of resources on our website we’re feeling pretty well equipped.

CapturePublications are collected and posted on our Publications gallery page and film clips are … you’ve guessed it – in our film gallery ! We try to keep these up to date so do send any our way that you find. We also try to keep them mainly (not exclusively British – because otherwise we’d get swamped with contributions from America which are not always as useful/relevant.

We are looking for a Treasurer so please do consider joining us if you have the necessary skills and drop us a line. It is not an arduous task, but it is important!

The Shrewsbury Hub of the National Festival of LGBT History is coming along nicely, with 5 weeks to go we have already secured nearly 100 bookings for the launch night. The final 35 tickets will be available from 1st February so get in there quick if you haven’t got one yet! All details are on the Festival website: https://shrewsburylgbthistory.org.uk/


The annual social media count:

Mailchimp Newsletter 13  (Dec 2016; Dec 2015 this was 57; Feb 2014 this was 34) – an eagle-eyed person may ask us why!

Twitter 213 (Dec 2016 182; Dec 2015 – 126; Feb 2014 – 22)

Facebook 227  (Dec 2016 176; Dec 2015 – 129; Feb 2014 – 76)

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