Catching our own tails

Apologies from us flyer-picfor our lack of communication – don’t know about you, but time in the SAND camp has been cracking on and running away with us good and proper. Talking about running away, you may be interested in our new fundraising event – the great SAND Night at the Races – click here for more info: Race Night

These fundraising events are massively important to keep SAND functioning – as mentioned before, we are not the  most popular of ’causes’ for mainstream funders so we do a lot ourselves and the annual November ‘gig’ brings in about a third of our annual income – and it is FUN – so come on down and join in. It is lovely, informal, friendly, low maintenance and a good laugh – what’s not to like?

Meanwhile, we have been meeting health & social care providers and visiting care homes to ask about their existing policies and practice. We have been getting a really interested response and are feeling very positive that – after nearly 5 years of plugging away – the sand beneath our feet is showing some signs of shifting and people are engaging with us and questioning the way they do things. It looks very much like we can now develop some training in partnership with the Community Health Trust around End of Life Care in Shropshire & Telford, as well as  – separately – deliver a pilot session for nursing staff in a care environment. This stuff takes time and, while some of it is now being paid for it is impossible to recoup all the real costs – never mind the years it has taken to get this far (and there is so much more to come!) That is what we put your money towards when you support SAND and SAND events.

Women Like That

SAND had a great response when we popped up at the 2016 Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival with the Saturday afternoon film and Director’s Q & A for ‘Women Like Us’ and ‘Women Like That’ – two documentaries which explore and revisit the lives of older lesbians in the UK from different cultures, classes and backgrounds from the 1920s to that present day (1989).

We filmed the ensuing discussion which was totally inspiring and will be making that available as soon as we can (we have not checked the quality yet!). One of our own Action Group Members – Betty features in both films and Q & A, which brings something very special to the whole experience.

SAND is also now the mothership for Back in Time – the National Festival of LGBT History in Shrewsbury, due to take place 17 – 19 Feb 2017. We are currently Crowdfunding, which is just for the month of October – we like the principle of many people giving a little – so please do join in and encourage your friends and colleagues to bring this particular bit of magic back to Shrewsbury – click here to go to the Crowdfunder:




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