Learning it and sharing it

phaseSomehow or other it really does feel as though SAND is moving into a slightly different phase. We have some research underway; some training lined up with a care home; a meeting with a domiciliary care provider and (as always) lots of ideas in an ever-stuffed pipeline!

Our meetings are – without fail – great – a diverse, committed group with loads of staying-power!

We have more events lined up than ever before and anticipate that there is something for everyone here – plus some overlap so we see returning faces. First off is the plan to hold a Our_castleBuilding Our Own Castles 2 – for LGBT people sharing questions, ideas, concerns – specifically about legal questions associated with ageing. The first of these events was a huge success. In advance we had worried about numbers (this is always a concern because without the people we don’t have a discussion!) but on the day we were delighted to welcome new and familiar faces to meet and mingle. These events are pretty low-key, offering an opportunity to ask questions and get information – you never know, they may become a series! For more info keep you eye on this page: SAND Castles .. and we always offer a decent biscuit!

Next up – on Saturday 19th November 2016 – The Great SAND Race Night – a twist on the annual SAND Fundraiser and just as much fun – maybe more than before! We wanted a change from the auction format which we have run as a major fundraiser with the 70’s disco in 2014 & 2015. For this year we thought we’d do something new and again encourage new faces and old friends to join us.  We’ll post info as it arrives just here: SAND Race Night

2016-07-23 15.37.07You may recall that SAND has adopted the Shrewsbury Hub of the National History Festival as a SAND Project – so this means we are also planning for Back In Time 2  Friday 17th – Sunday 19th February 2017. Things are already moving along nicely and we anticipate another great weekend.  This is so mega it has its own website and blog so make sure you follow all that stuff to minimise any risk of missing out – it was fabulous in 2016 and there is no reason to doubt there won’t be more for 2017. Click here: Back In Time 2

And, just in case you are feeling horribly disappointed about the missing disco, we’re planning one anyway for Saturday 25th March 2017 – so keep the gladrags tidy and come on down! Keep your eye on the ball here: SAND Dance

Amongst all the activity, we have secured a (tiny) bit of funding (£420) – to help us to edit some of the video footage we have been taking – and even that little bit gives us a boost. We’ll be ‘on it’ very soon.

Keep watching, keep talking, keep supporting


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