Knocking on some influential doors whilst planning some fun

2016-07-08 19.14.16Boom – for the first time, our Well-Wisher monthly donations cover our regular monthly outgoings – thank you sooooo much. Of course since the calculation, we have taken on an office and so our monthly out-goings have increased but let’s not worry too much about that – we feel sure that more of you will be willing and able to spare £2 or £3 per month – you can see already what a difference it makes – please tell your friends and encourage them to sign up – just click this link, print off the form, fill it in and send it to SAND 160601 Well-Wisher Standing Order Form – and a BIG thank you from us!

We have been very busy lately – talking to people involved in working towards improved services for trans people; meeting with ‘Patient Experience Leads’ in Shropshire and senior staff at the Hospital. It really does feel like we are making some key contacts in useful places.

WTSIt looks like we have got a new IN to a care home to explore understandings and pilot training – this is a massive move but ssshhhh – it hasn’t happened quite yet so we won’t get too excited – watch this space to find out what happens.

We have also had some positive noises from a domiciliary care provider so it’s all happening round here!

We have a healthy list of ‘volunteer jobs’ so do not be shy if you’d like to help out and we can cater for pretty any level of commitment – give us a try. We keep a display of opportunities on a wall in the office so pop in. Opening times are sent out in our Newsletter – so make sure you are signed up to receive it – click here: Lovely Newsletter.

We’re waitingmicroscope.06 on a couple of decisions from funding bodies and still writing another so, you never know, things may get an additional spurt – or not – from some properly funded capacity. We’re still operating on a teeny weeny budget.

We have
got a few events in the pipeline too – to start off, we’ll be in The Square on Saturday 23rd July for Cultural Diversity Day, come and say ‘hello’ – it’s on from 12 noon. Our usual November Disco and Auction takes on a different guise this year – put Saturday 19th November in your diary and mark it ‘The Great SAND Race Night’ – more details to follow; we’re hoping to have a Spring Disco in March 2017 so watch out for that …. and if that’s all too far off in the distance for you then you’ll have a chance to check in with us at some point in September when we will be hosting ‘Building Our Own Castles 2’. Don’t forget, we have a page dedicated to our events with a nice easy-to-remember name:

In addition to that lot we also now have the LGBT History Festival in February – again, more info to come, but we can tell you that it is happening in Shrewsbury w/end 17th – 19th February 2017.

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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