CloseSaturday 7th May 2016 was all about Building Our Own Castles and SAND was delighted to host an afternoon of ideas to develop the concept of Safe Ageing No Discrimination into practical action which engages a broader audience! 20 of us spent a few hours discussing, feeling inspired and gathering ideas. Here is the upshot and we hope you see something to suit you – no matter how big or small.

Have a read through and hopefully pick a bit of something – every little contribution makes SAND bigger and more effective, which is what ‘Building Our Own Castles is all about:

LSSign up to our BRAND NEW newsletter – because SAND needs to be clear about how it benefits individuals and organisations – it would be helpful if our community, friends and allies told us their areas of specialism so we can come and ask you to help us talk in the language of the people we are trying to influence. The new newsletter sign-up form asks a few questions about your skills, knowledge and experience – we have deleted the old list so we can start afresh – please sign up here (click this link)

Volunteer to be in filmsthere are lots of great ideas about how SAND can model good practice. It’d be really helpful to have a list of people who would be happy to appear in any short films we produce in the future – for training or presentations.

CBShare your knowledge about homes in different parts of the country where there are LGBT people – there is some suspicion that places like Brighton – or big cities might have more identifiable LGBT people and SAND could talk to those homes.

Offer a bit of time to talk to specific individuals about SAND – SAND already has some links with key individuals and organisations. We have the opportunity to talk to SAND friends and allies about how the issues SAND is working on can be flagged up in their work – it would be great if we could share these contacts so a few people follow up one each.

SHRun a Crowdfunding campaign – this is to raise money – but more importantly to raise profile and give a large number of people an opportunity to engage with SAND.

Follow up SAND friends and allies once a month – SAND would benefit from a volunteer to have a look at who has funded and supported each month and make some contact with them – just a thank you or brief update (signpost to the blog), to maintain the relationship.

BH01Do a bit of research into LGBT clubs, societies, staff & Union groups in and around the County – there must be lots of LGBT people working in health & social care who could be allies and might take on SAND’s work or at least be interested. If they were known to SAND they could be invited to join the mailing list.

Do a regular bit of online searching for resources useful to SAND to add to the galleries on the website. SAND has a reputation for having a great resource bank of publications and film clips . Finding non-American resources can be a tricky business and it would be really helpful to have more eyes looking for these and putting them on the website.

Screen the film Gen Silent and invite health & social care staff – this film was the start of SAND and could motivate others.

Come and join us at SAND events and bring your friendsspreading the word and growing a network is key to SAND’s success!

Take the lead on organising regular networking events – the idea is to KHToffer a regular opportunity for individuals and organisations interested in SAND to come together. These will require some ongoing attention – a bit of budgeting and fundraising, venue booking. There is no expectation that one person would do it all and this is about making sure the basics are in place.

Research websites and or publications relating to health & social care in Shropshire and the Borders, and any other local publications with potential for links – this is about working out the ones that could/should have a link to SAND, have an advert or article in.

Ask the question: what is your track record of working with LGBT people? Anyone and everyone can make enquiries about levels of knowledge and understanding of issues impacting on older and old LGBT people, even if you are not LGBT and even if you are not specifically enquiring on behalf of an LGBT person.

PJHDesign and produce leaflets and materials – If you have an eye for design then SAND has ideas for different leaflets and training resources.

Public relations activity – that sounds a bit grand but leaflets, adverts, websites have all been mentioned and there would need to be text in these so any skills in that area are very welcome.

Website, email, twitter and the likewe are also getting ideas about having little tea-parties where a few interested folk might mull over the potential of social media!

Of course, this is not a definitive list – there is a lot of buzzy activity to be done so do feel free to keep suggesting – and don’t shy away from posting things on our Facebook page if that’s what works for you.


First thing to do is to sign up to the SAND Newsletter – click here

And …… Get in touch:


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