So, after a little lull and with the changing of the clocks we are pulling tight on bootstraps and preparing for the next phase of SAND. We have had some capacity issues as various Action Group Members got pulled away by life events – but, as things start to settle down 2016-04-02 08.02.37once again, energy levels are rising and we are plotting new things. The key aspect of this at the moment is our next event – planned for Saturday 7th May, we are inviting our LGBT friends, straight allies and colleagues to come along and hear about SAND’s work to date, the things in the pipeline and how we can all do a little to achieve a lot. Now that might sound like you run the risk of being tricked into putting your hand up for things that you don’t really want to do – but do not worry – that simply does not work as a strategy, we are much more interested in us working out together how the things that we do already contribute to SAND’s aims. Please do come – and bring your friends.

sand dollar 5Have a look at the event details here Building our own castles. We are asking people to book, simply so we know how many cups of tea to plan and how many biscuits to provide (we’ll dust them off first!).

We feel that SAND is at a pivotal point of change and so we are busy submitting proposals for funding to help us drive into the future and bring positive change to the experiences of older and old LGBT people. We are also delighted at the Captureresponse that came from the National Festival of LGBT History – Shrewsbury Hub and the contribution made by SAND, particularly to the exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery which included a set of 21 ‘History Boards’ like this one on Ageing.

We hope that this can be expanded upon at some point in the non-too-distant future.

We have news to share about our successful bid to Healthwatch Shropshire to take forwards some of the recommendations from our original research. And, also about a fabulous meeting we had with Stu Maddux who Directed the film Gen Silent which started SAND off in the first place. Stu came to Shrewsbury from California to join in the History Festival and he came along to meet some of the SAND Action Group – we caught that bit on camera!

So – we have not been idle – just a little quiet.

And – just before we sign off, please do consider our Well-Wishers scheme where individuals give a small amount each month. We’d like lots of people to contribute the price of a cup of coffee (£2 or £3) per month.  Just ten of these would make a huge difference as we could reliably cover our minimum monthly outgoings to pay for our accounting package! If you are willing to do that, just click this link and complete the form: Well-Wishers (if that doesn’t work for you, please try this PDF version) and return it to us.

We’ll see you on 7th May, if not before 😉

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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