November is nearly over which means that the fabulous SAND fundraising disco and auction #sanddance15 is over and what a night! Once again the event raised over £2,000 which is just fabulous! Huge thanks go to Jeremy from Hall’s who once again did such a good – and hilarious – job with the auction and, of course to everyone who gave items – you are total stars and we are so appreciative.

As well as a fundraiser, the disco aims to raise awareness of SAND and, sure enough, we have a few more followers on facebook and twitter as a result, so keep sharing and spreading the word.

At the moment we are working on our membership – as more people express interest in getting involved with SAND, we need to work out how they can do that and not be left high and dry. We want people to be able to put their talents to good use and to find their work with SAND rewarding and a good use of time – hmmmm. So – we are looking at some form of volunteering scheme, we’ll be making notes on that as we go along.

We are also delighted to report that we have once again secured a small grant to take forward one ofHURRAH the recommendations from our last Healthwatch Shropshire funded research – namely to talk to health and social care providers about their responses to older and old Trans people in the County. We have drawn up our research plan and will start any day now.

This research, the planned care home visits and building connections with other groups is the mainstay of our activity at the moment and – bearing in mind that every member of the SAND Action Group is a volunteer, we are doing pretty well!

Oh, and we are planning an event for the Spring – this will be about bringing our own communities together to update on what we are doing and encourage more involvement.

Of course, SAND is operating in a given environment and we unclear about the implications of the Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group going into special measures – we had hoped for their engagement too, in the issues we are raising, but it now looks like we may have to wait!


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