Blimey it feels like far too long since the last blog – there are a couple of reasons for that – the first being that the team took a little break and didn’t meet in August, the second being that a key member went and got a full-time job so we have been tussling to find new ways of working which keep the interests of older and old LGBT people on everyone’s agenda – and we have got more and more ideas!day-nightmap

So – very practically, we have changed our meetings so we can accommodate our working and
can’t come in work time
– and non-working or can come in work time in equal measure. Our cunning plan is …

to meet alternately in the morning and in the evening – watch this space to see how we get on.

stumble1Our Summer break led to a little slump which was interesting – we had been running on monthly adrenalin shots as our meetings galvanised and kept momentum. Somehow by slipping out of this pattern it feels like we fell out of step and it has taken some concerted effort to jump back together. We met in September – a reduced group – and it now looks like we are back on form for October – hurrah!STUMBLE

And the plan is …

  • A mega drive for our upcoming Disco and auction fundraiser – a few grant application rejections have made us sad but not beaten – this fundraiser is so important to generate unrestricted funding to do what we do. Check out 
  • A plan to visit care homes as potential punters and ask lots of questions
  • Production of an information pack for agencies and service providers
  • Follow up on a proposal to do specific work around services provided to older and old Trans people
  • A contribution to the second National Festival of LGBT History which has a hub in Shrewsbury in February 2016
  • Follow up on our conversations with agencies in Shropshire – including health providers, policy makers, funeral directors and educators.
  • An event in the Spring to bring together our LGBT community, friends and allies to feedback on where we are at and what is possible
  • … and more

Big thanks to the Two Fat Rascals Coffee Shop who keep on collecting donations from their
customers – we are so chuffed they have selected SAND to give to.

Related activity at the moment:

LGBT History Festival – in Shrewsbury – Crowdfunding campaign – is running for October. At the time of writing over £700 has been raised so take this opportunity to support and enable this historic trailblazing event – you can find the crowdfunder page here: LGBT History – see the little video here

Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival – this takes place, celebrating its tenth birthday, at the Old Market Hall in Shrewsbury 16 – 18 October. Particularly pertinent to SAND this year are the films Mom’s Apple Pie: the heart of the lesbian mothers’ custody movement;  For 80 Days and the classic Victim. Don’t let that stop you booking for one of the others in this great programme

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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