Today is busy – we are dragging all the bits and pieces of our SAND Action Plan onto the table apple_coreand playing with them to find out what is ‘core’ work and what is ‘project’ work. It is very interesting. As part of our core work, we have identified a need to: 

plan continuance following our own completed research – how and where to disseminate our own findings and what happens next.

research training pathways of care providers and identify points of intervention.

keep abreast of new publications and research findings impacting on older and old LGBT people – we log them on our Publications Gallery – clearly this is not enough – we also need to have a look at them and do some analysis of what is inside.

look at the marketing materials circulated by care providers to identify public statements and equal opportunities policies which are inclusive of older and old LGBT people.

support volunteers – and identify/plan the work that they do

attend events all over the country to keep up to date with work going on elsewhere and to share our own work. We keep track of these on our website page Out and About.

build relationships with non-health service providers so that we are in a position to work with them to raise awareness of issues facing older and old LGBT people – and support them to improve their practice. This currently includes solicitors and the fire service and we will be branching out to include financial advisers and funeral directors.

Of course, we also maintain the SAND website and social media links; maintain budgets, financial records and manage the bank account; write funding proposals; service meetings of the SAND Action Group and plan, organise and run fun fundraising events which keep SAND’s profile high and reputation solid!


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