Ted’s tales

Our friend Ted has just moved house. He is seventy-something, out and proud, and has moved into retirement housing a few miles from where he used to live. Ted’s been busy – meeting the 1377h0010neighbours and generally settling in. So, what’s the issue about being gay then? We thought it might be interesting to capture Ted’s tales as they arise.

Tale 1 – the awkward moment: Ted joined his neighbours at a coffee morning and was asked why he hadn’t taken his wife along with him……

Tale 2 – the weird moment: Ted was on the local radio the other day and he mentioned a past relationship with a man. A few days later he bumped into a neighbour from a previous house. The ex-neighbour said he’d heard him on the radio, recognised his voice. He had no idea prior to that, that Ted was gay – he expressed sympathy to Ted – ‘how awful it must be for you’ and then informed Ted that of course, now he knows he won’t be able to talk to Ted in the street again – especially if his wife was with him.

Tale 3 – the tell-tale moment: Ted is wondering where to put the photograph of his previous partner – deceased. If he hangs it on the wall in his lounge a visiting neighbour is bound to ask who the man in the picture is…….

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