One giant step

Here we go – heading heartily for exciting times in 2015.

Our slow move to Company registration is now on a trajectory – we just need to nail the business plan and financial forecast and we’ll be away. I imagine this is quite hard to believe after all this time, but it really does feel like the final straight (no pun intended). We have written and agreed our Articles which ensure we can continue to operate pretty much as we have been, with ownership and decision-making by the whole Action Group.

We have identified a Sector-savvy accountant to help produce the approved accounts we will need in 12 months and are looking into insurance providers, calling on those in the know for suggestions – it would appear that Social Enterprises are that little bit different (of course!)

The bank balance is inevitably looking a little low these days so we are going to have to applyRainbow_cake ourselves to income generation, fundraising and grant applications – preferably all in line with our Action Plan! In terms of income generation we provided some training for Shropshire Fire & Rescue which went down so well they have asked us back for more. We are also in conversation with some local solicitors and all this will become much clearer when we dive into the business plan stuff (we’ll try to add some cheer to the process – perhaps cake will help!

We do plan to set up a regular donations-type scheme but we are waiting until we have our Company details all sorted because we will have to change our bank account at this stage. Thanks to everyone who has made enquiries about this.

Fundraising – we have a couple of benefit nights up our sleeves which we need to work on – the coming month will be crucial if we’re going to get those sorted. We would like a reputation for fun as well as gravity, so these are really important to all the SAND Action Group members – they are a great opportunity for raising awareness as well as generating a bit of dosh.

As for grant applications – they don’t seem to be our best source of income but we are rarely down about it. We spent a good few days this month working out a cunning plan – but we’re not telling in case it doesn’t come off. If it does we’ll be shouting from the rooftops.

Table1Diary date alert – We will be running an event on 21st May (afternoon) specifically for providers of health and social care. Here we will be presenting the findings from the research funded by Healthwatch Shropshire. We are also planning ‘a special turn’ – watch this space 🙂 We will be setting up an Eventbrite page for people to sign up and we’ll send details around as soon as they are ready.

We are also following up on plans to do something around housing options for older and old LGBT people. Severnside Housing is planning an LGBT Drop-in event on 6th June (details to follow) for all age groups and there is some research afoot which we will know more about shortly. This fits well with our own plans to hold some sort of event about Housing options – although we feel we should nudge this along a bit and wait to see what the research reveals before rushing into anything.

Our communications with local solicitors is moving along – we have visited one practice and had some really positive conversations. These look like developing and we are looking forward to seeing what happens next. We are due to meet with a second practice in April. We’re being a bit hedgy right now because we need to have the conversations with them first – before plonking it on a blog!

Diary date alert: coming up in May is IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) on 17th when the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival will be hosting an afternoon book signing -2pm at the Two Fat Rascals in Shrewsbury’s Riverside Precinct with Peter Scott-Presland and his book Amiable Warriors tracking and celebrating the story of CHE – the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (apologies for the long sentence). Following this, at 8pm at The Hive will be a screening of the road movie: FagBug

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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