In with a bang

Welcome to 2015 and the SAND Action Group has started as it means to go on. A fair bit of today’s meeting was taken up with discussion about an event we are planning for May when we will invite health and social care service providers to hear our findings from the HealthWatch research. We ran through a proposed presentation for the event so the Group could agree the bare bones and style of the content – this will now be worked up with quotes and stories from the older and old LGBT people we have been talking to.

Of course, all this will take place AFTER we bring together all those we have interviewed to hear2014-11-11 15.33.54 what we have found and share their own experiences – with the compulsory cake (rarely has so much cake been mentioned in a blog!) We have our friends at the Two Fat Rascals Coffee Shop to thank for providing our feedback venue for this one and are very much looking forward to it.

We have a bit of our HealthWatch budget left to pay for these events and may top it up a little bit to make sure they are both good occasions for all concerned – quality is the name of the game.

Talking of the Two Fat Rascals, we are also supporting a new initiative – welcoming lesbian women over the age of 70 to go in and grab a coffee and a chat every Thursday in March & April between 2 and 4pm. Of course, you can go in any other time too – it’s just you might bump into some of your peers in this slot 🙂

Another new thing on the horizon is our quest to find Shropshire’s LGBT-friendly solicitors. We are visiting websites, looking for any sign at all, and running our own test case locally. We are not suggesting for a second that any of them are unfriendly – but how do we know that they have the faintest idea about the sort of issues that affect older and old LGBT people?  It’s a big question and we’re on it so watch this space.

In our preparations for today’s meeting we had another look at our well-thumbed action plan and were a little surprised to see that we had nothing on this one specifically about older and old LGBT people and housing. Our housing whizz has had to miss the last few meetings and the rest of us took our eye off the ball so we are now gathering this up and thinking about how to fill the gap. This might mean an event at some point in 2015, to look at different housing options for later life – you never know, it will all become clear as we get closer to it and, as usual, we’ll make a note here.

Jane Traies
Jane Traies

And, a heads-up to finish up with:

Jane Traies who spoke so fabulously at our launch event in the Summer will be on Women’s Hour next week talking about her research into old lesbians so keep an ear out for that.


This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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