The road ahead

We have delivered a few presentations for different audiences lately and we spent a bit of time at yesterday’s Action Group meeting reflecting on these – what we have learned and how we can adapt the presentation for maximum impact. People are responding very well to it on the whole – with some even saying it’s the first presentation they have been to that has made them sit up and think! We have brushed up our website to record the presentations we are giving, and the events we are going to on a page called Out & About. One of our Action Group members suggested that we keep track of how many people attend each as well so the web page seems like a good place to do that too (we really really don’t want to get bogged down in paperwork!) We charge £100 per presentation (or less for un/low funded groups).

We are increasingly collecting information and expanding our own knowledge about the issues (potentially) impacting on older LGBT people and are considering producing a series of information leaflets that we can add to as we go along. There really is no point in us knowing this stuff if we don’t then share it with others. It is with this in mind that we have added another page to the website which is where we post all the film clips that we find – we really believe in film as an effective media to get messages across, we use a variety clips in our presentation and of course, it is where we started – with Gen Silent.

All these ‘promotional’ and ‘information sharing’ ideas are a little disorganised at the moment which is why we are planning an Away Day for the Action Group members – a day away in a nice location with good food to find out a bit more about each other, pool our knowledge of health & social care structures, identify some of the ‘ins’ for SAND and nail a promotions strategy – in other words, a fun day out! We are still keeping costs low and have got a bit of funding to pay for this day which feels very timely for the group. That will be in November so we have a small planning group getting it ready!

Alongside this we are updating our Action Plan to keep it nice and lively! We seem to have a good handle on our first Outcome: Empowered Older LGBT People, so we spent a bit of time yesterday looking at our second Outcome: Empowered Organisations and identifying some of the actions that will take us toward that goal (hence some of the content for our Away Day as this is all about finding the routes into the Health & Care Structures in the first instance). We will probably look at our third Outcome: Influencing policy next month but we need to wait and see how full the agenda is – there is no rush to shove this thing down people’s throats – we cannot do it all at the same time anyway so we are pretty relaxed about getting it all absolutely ‘just so’ – how refreshing!

Our HealthWatch research continues and we are grateful – and privileged – to be invited into people’s homes to share their stories and guide their conversations around hopes, fears, expectations and experiences of health & social care in later life.

And don’t forget the fun – plans for the 70s disco progress and the leaflet will be ready soon so dig deep and prepare to come along to this fundraiser on 29th November in Shrewsbury – details to follow!

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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