Summer activity

August holidays didn’t deter the Action Group from gathering in good numbers for our monthly meeting. This regular meeting – every month on the same day, at the same time for 2.5 hours really seems to work to keep things flowing and interest high.

We are achieving a nice balance of business – keeping SAND going in a practical sense; fun – with ideas for fundraising and networking; and research & delivery with presentations proving quite popular.

Business: we have finally decided on a ‘business model’ to suit SAND designs to operate as a Social Enterprise. We shall be registering as a Company Limited by Guarantee with an asset lock. We have also submitted a couple of small funding bids – we are still not interested in sending in anything too large as it feels like this would sway the variety and flexible work we are currently doing and would drive us down a singular route. We are also now welcoming donations from supportive individuals – big thanks to all those who have contributed so far. In this way, we are keeping vibrant, creative and visionary. Where to go for funding inevitably introduces the question of ethics – who do we not want money from and how do we agree? That is one of the questions we’ll be pursuing at our Action Group Away Day in November.

Fun: ideas include Open Gardens; Progressive Dinners and yes – the cheesy 70s fundraising disco is back on the agenda so put 29th November 2014 in your diaries for a night out in Shrewsbury! We also have some ideas about trips out of County to meet others working in similar fields.

SAND Launch
SAND Launch presentation

Research & delivery: We are busy with the HealthWatch funded research with LGBT people over the age of 50. We are now doing face-to-face interviews over a cup of tea – a much improved approach compared with an online survey. The information we are getting is rich and fascinating. We have about 20 people so far engaged and others in Shropshire are welcome to join in – please contact us: lgbtsand[@] (remove the brackets in the middle!). We are also delivering presentations/facilitating discussion with different groups – our next will be the entire staff team in a residential care home – we are doing 2 sessions so we can talk to them all in shifts and then we are off to Newcastle On Tyne where we have been invited to run a workshop at a National Conference. Nb. We need to charge a small amount to keep SAND afloat, so presentations are now £100 a pop.

As always – plenty to talk and about and plenty to do 🙂

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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