Take it nice and gently

The ‘gently does it’ approach seems to be the way to go – in all sorts of ways.

In terms of financing SAND we now have a comforting trickle of income from a variety of sources to help us do what we do. It really is a case of valuing the small amounts and they mount up so, a small grant from FRESh will help us to deliver our launch event on 5th July; £50 from a recent presentation goes into the pot (alongside some fantastic feedback), a couple of modest grants and some donations makes the bank account suddenly look active, 8 months after we first set it up.

We really have learned not to rush.

Included in this is our first active foray into local research – the pilot survey told us to hang fire on a questionnaire, we learned really quickly that people have not really started to think about any of the stuff that SAND is looking at and would much prefer to be in an environment where they can talk and ask questions. Because of this we have decided to change our research approach and, instead of sending a survey out and about we will arrange to have small group conversations – assisted by tea and cake! We have now got agreement from the funders HealthWatch Shropshire and will be in touch soon with everyone in Shropshire who has expressed interest to date and discuss how this might happen and we are looking forward to the conversations.

We now have the ‘3 Bs’ – banners, badges and business cards and are really chuffed that these are ready in the time for Shrewsbury Carnival where SAND will be represented on the LGBT Float on Saturday 14th June. This is a great event for SAND at a time when we are recognising the importance of being up-beat and illustrating the positive aspects of LGBT lives – our intention is to raise expectation and claim our rights to bright futures, realising our hopes and aspirations.

In amidst this, plans are progressing for the SAND Launch and we are being approached by other groups who want to contribute to the displays and information stalls on the day – it is increasingly looking like an opportunity to share SAND’s vibrant and dynamic approach.

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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