A bit of profile

The SAND Action Group continues to meet monthly for a couple of hours. Every member contributes to tasks between meetings and the idea of playing to people’s strengths and not add onerous jobs to already busy lives seems to be working well.

We have been working on boosting our profile over the last month or so, while things have been quiet over the festive period:

  • Setting up the twitter account to make connections with LGBT organisations and individuals; organisations working with older people; wider communities in Shropshire – and beyond, and interested others. We have 22 followers to date
  • Adding more to the facebook page where we are posting video clips that we find related to SAND issues, statistics from reports and bits of news. We have recently added a series called ‘A Very British Sex Scandal’ and a great little film by Derby Senior Human Rights Group. We have 76 ‘likes’ at the moment
  • We are keen for people to sign up for our newsletter by joining our mailing list because that is the vehicle we will use to tell people about different ways they can get involved and to advertise any events which may be coming up. We have only done one newsletter so far and need to think about how frequently they should be. Because the newsletter is about telling news and inviting involvement perhaps they can be irregular – just when there is something to say. We have 34 people signed up so far
  • One of our collective actions has been to identify Supporters for SAND to boost our profile. We were delighted when Sandi Toksvig agreed to be our first Supporter and, since she came on board in November 2013 we have also been delighted to add Peter Tatchell, Bisi Alimi and Sue Sanders – click on their pictures below to find out more about each of them.
Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig

We are in the process of developing a presentation which is adaptable to various audiences, and we have already been approached by various individuals and organisations to go and talk to them about SAND, including social work students, Information, advice & advocacy organisations and housing providers. We are also being proactive about this and going out to organisations to tell them about SAND.

We have just submitted our first funding proposal and we are setting up different ways that people can raise money and donate to SAND.

Peter Tatchell
Peter Tatchell

This will include a paypal button on our website for direct donations which will go into a generic SAND pot; a separate fundraising web-page called Golden Giving which is a bit like Just Giving and so will be geared to raising money for specific activities and will have a target amount to raise. We are already out-reaching to interested friends and allies to develop and deliver fundraising events in different guises, which provide a great opportunity to involve more people in SAND, and we are starting to talk about possible sponsors and sponsorship.

(We chose Golden Giving because you don’t have to be a registered Charity and they do not charge a fee so it works well for small groups – at least we think it does – watch this space!)

Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi

We are already indebted to individuals and organisations who are donating their time and/or giving time and resources in-kind.

2014 feels like a big year for SAND.

This Blog records what is happening at which point of SAND’s development.


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