Welcome to SAND

We wanted a forum where we could keep track of SAND’s journeys and a blog on our WordPress site seems the perfect place to do it. We used to have all of the relevant publications we are finding on this Blogroll so all those have had to move to our new gallery and here the story begins.

On the website we already say a little bit about how SAND came into being and the website itself is a work in progress which is developing with the action plan as it happens. What this misses is the more human element and the conversations we are having – so that is what this blog is all about. We have been speaking to solicitors, bereavement specialists, care managers, housing providers and more to find out about their understanding of issues impacting on older LGBT people, what they are doing to respond to these and what they might like to do with SAND. It is a fascinating journey.

We are taking a ‘slow and steady’ approach. In these days when everyone is really busy and quite overwhelmed with the demands on them SAND needs to be an asset to their lives and a welcome relief to be involved in, rather than another duty or onerous set of tasks. So far so good.

These posts are primarily intended to log the SAND story. If anyone chooses to follow them and read about SAND then that is a huge bonus and whether there are 3, 30 or 300 followers it is a job worth doing.  Please share to help us get word around about what is happening here in Shropshire, UK – inspired by the 60 minute film Gen Silent which, by the way, is free to stream throughout December – we found it so inspiring – have a look

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